Minneapolis skyline

The PACE Main Street Model is a headache free solution for making energy projects a reality.

The PACE  Main Street Model features:

  • Low-cost, long-term capital
  • Local government, contractor, and finance partners
  • A simple and well-understood mechanism to make payments


This unique model pioneered by Eutectics Consulting includes a financing solution that is connected to the community and built on trust for the long term. We make PACE financing easy to access by partnering with people you know and trust. The money saved in reduced energy costs and money earned by our local network of partners circulates on Main Street many times over creating more vibrant, healthy communities. Our model is a win-win-win for everyone.

While others see investments in clean energy as a chance to make big money and fast returns, Eutectics Consulting is in the business for the long haul. We’ve done the hard work to connect with local governments, contractors and suppliers, business/property owners, and our investor partners to identify the true win-win-win partnerships. Through the Main Street Model, these partnerships will support the development of energy savings, new business opportunities, and more sustainable communities across Minnesota.

Eutectics Consulting believes that good business is also for the common good, that private profits should result in public goods.