Minnesota’s law empowers building owners to use PACE financing for a wide variety of energy improvements, including:

  1. Building-related energy efficiency improvements

  2. Renewable Energy systems attached to or near to a building

  3. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

lightbuld icon1. Building-related energy efficiency improvements might include:

  • Targeted improvements like upgrading existing lighting to to high-performance fluorescent or LED technology;
  • Broad-scale, multiple-technology building upgrades like new mechanical systems, upgraded windows, and some advanced lighting and temperature controls, OR
  • Whole-building renovations, from lighting to HVAC equipment to new elevators to new insulation and sealing of the building envelope.

solar energy system icon

2. Renewable Energy Systems can include:

  • Solar thermal systems
  • Solar photovoltaic systems
  • Wind generator systems
  • Geothermal (and ground source heat pump) systems.

electric vehicle icon

3. Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure can include:

  • Installation of new and upgraded circuits and related equipment to enable vehicle charging




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