A 2012 Deutsche Bank market analysis found that over the next 10 years, building owners across the United States could save $1 trillion dollars in wasted energy costs, with a more than 330% payback on the upfront capital costs. The potential to save energy – and do good for the environment, too – is immense, for business owners of all kinds.

But access to the upfront capital is still a barrier, as most loan programs or conventional financing require personal guarantees, 2nd or 3rd mortgages, or interest rates so high the cost of capital prevents business owners from moving forward. Eutectics™ has done the hard work of ironing out the wrinkles of the PACE financing process. We walk business owners through the loan application and the technology evaluation from start-to-finish.

Eutectics™ has built a full suite of building-scale energy improvement financing tools, from Eutectics™ Finance leasing to our SolarNote® product for qualified solar projects. Please contact Eutectics to find out more about other financing tools beyond PACE.

However, sometimes an energy project requires additional security or longer-term financing than other funding tools can provide.

PACE is a perfect solution for projects that need long-term capital without the need for personal guarantees or expensive mortgage risk. PACE financing uses a tried-and-true development financing tool – special-assessment-backed revenue bonds – to keep costs low, and provide business owners the affordable capital needed to reduce energy costs from day one.

On energy efficiency projects, in nearly every situation, Eutectics leverages the PACE program to craft a zero-down, cash-flow positive structure – so business owners can free up time and capital to focus on your core business. On solar projects, Eutectics has partnered with PACE funders to create cash-flow-friendly solutions that can finance up to 100% of the total project cost – usually also with zero money down required.

Here are a few case studies of PACE funded projects.


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