Salut Bar Americain

Thanks to the City of Edina’s Emerald Energy financing program and help from Eutectics Consulting, Salut Bar Americain is saving energy, saving money and doing good for the planet–all while staying focused on their core business.
Salut Bar Americain is one of Edina’s most popular neighborhood restaurants, known for good food and a casual and fun atmosphere. But like any small business, they watch their expenses closely – especially their utility bills.

Salut’s owner Parasole Restaurants, had installed energy-efficient LED lights and mechanical system sensors in new restaurants in Galleria and in Maple Grove, and liked the results. The LED lights showed off the great food, and the range hood fans operating at far greater efficiency. Utility bills were lower, and the food looked great and tasted even better as it always does at Parasole restaurants.

Salut Bar Americain was a natural next step for Parasole to try installing LED lights and kitchen hood controls as part of a retrofit in an existing restaurant space. Working with EnergyMisers LLC’s president Bill Bieganek, Salut discovered that the Xcel Energy efficiency rebates would reduce the total upfront cost to $39,308 – and the energy and maintenance savings would provide a simple payback of just 2.5 years.

The City of Edina started the first Minnesota PACE program in late 2011. The Edina Emerald Energy Program  was spurred by strong leadership by the City Council, Mayor Jim Hovland, City Manager Scott Neal and staff, and by engaged citizens on the Edina Environment and Energy Commission.

Edina’s program has resulted in both solar photovoltaic installations and energy efficiency improvements. Approved by City Council in August, 2102, the Salut project is the nation’s first community-bank-funded PACE project, arranged by Eutectics Consulting as the roll-out of the Main Street Model for PACE financing.

Salut Bar Americain PACE Case Study

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